What story do you want your photos to tell

Compare the photography of properties for sale and for rent. Most real estate companies, when selling a house, use a professional photographer to portray each property in the best light possible.

They use DSLR cameras with wide angle lens, large flashes, some editing on the computer to give the view as if you were there in person. Now compare this to ads in the rental section on Trade me. Most of these photos are taken on smart phones with limited flashes and a narrower view. The rooms look small and dark, making your first thought, cold and damp. A click of the mouse and a potential great tenant has moved on to the next ad.











                                                  Two photos, one on my DSLR camera and the same on an iPhone



IMAG0111The lenses in a DSLR are much larger than the lenses in a smartphone, which helps capture sharper images with a shallower depth of field, especially in low light situations.

I took over the management of a house from a company who had been advertising the property on Trade me for 2 weeks and could not find a good tenant. Their photos did not do the property justice, they were taken on a rainy day and it looked dark and damp.

I chose a sunny day, tidied the place up and took photos that portrayed the best parts about the property. I had lots of interest, many telling me that they were wondering if it was the same property that was advertised a few days before. I signed up a great tenant within 2 days, who told me she did not bother to ring the other companies ad.

I use a Nikon D5100 Digital camera with a 18-55mm lens for all my property management photos. It is middle of the range and cost less than an iPhone. I take pride in getting the best possible shots, chose a sunny day and remove clutter from the frame. The key is to stand out from the competition, invite great tenants to contact you and get them through the front door, so that they want to make your house there home.